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soul & expertise

We embody a bold commitment to fostering a confident, successful existence where your beauty radiates. We approach every aspect of our work with a holistic perspective, taking into account the well-being of our guests, beauty professionals, community, and environment in every decision we make. Through our ethically sourced, natural products, dedication to ongoing education, and our service-driven mindset, we aspire to elevate the cosmetic industry as a whole and establish an unprecedented benchmark for beauty.


At our core, we have a passion that goes beyond traditional beauty, embracing a philosophy focused on empowering individuals and propelling the cosmetology industry forward. We transform the beauty landscape through our carefully curated products, ongoing education, and a service-oriented mindset. With an unwavering dedication to uplifting both the industry and its ambassadors, we are committed to redefining standards and unleashing the boundless potential of beauty.

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Business First of Louisville

2015 Innovative Partner

Business First of Louisville 40 under 40 honoree, owner Jill Higginbotham

Top Five Salon on Louisville’s A-List 2013

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