Everyday you probably pass quite a few nail salons offering manicures and pedicures, but how do you

know if you are getting a great service?

Rule #1:

It should never hurt. A great pedicure should be a relaxing experience. The foot file may tickle a bit, it should never be painful. Pain is a sign of over nipped cuticles, over filed skin, or a nail technician working too quickly. Callous shavers are illegal and actually create a heavier buildup of dead skin, and on top of that they hurt!

Rule # 2: 

Keep it clean! There are many diseases and infections that can be spread to you in an environment that is not cleaned and sterilized, such as Athlete’s Foot or an infection in a cut. Engineers in the beauty industry have made great strides in equipment to help keep it sanitary, such as pipeless pedicure tubs and UV light sanitizers, however it has to be sterilized. Don’t be afraid to ask how the pedicure tubs and tools are sanitized. Tubs should be scrubbed with special cleaners in between each pedicure (which should take at least 10 minutes, and the bottles should be appropriately marked), tools  should be scrubbed and sanitized with Barbacide, alcohol, or a UV light. Your health should always come first!

Rule # 3:

Your toes should be beautiful for weeks! A good pedicure will last for 4-6 weeks. Investing in a expert pedicure with a well educated technician is worth it. You might only pay $20 for the others, but if you have to go back every other week you are actually spending more money in the long run. In the industry of beauty the old saying is true, “You get what you pay for.” Don’t be afraid to invest in you!

Rule # 4:

Product is key! If you are receiving your service and the technician pulls out a mystery bottle purchased at your local grocery store with no markings as to what it is, this is a sure fire warning sign. Quality product is the best companion for a technician. Many fillers in these cheap products have been linked to cancer and other illnesses, not to mention they won’t be as moisturizing, exfoliating, or harvest longterm benefits for your skin and health. Have a conversation with your technician about the products they use and the benefits they provide. They should be able to offer invaluable insight.

Rule # 5:

A good pedicure takes time! A polish change, by itself, should take about 15 minutes. If your entire pedicure is done in 20-30 minutes, you didn’t receive a full pedicure. It takes time to shape the nails so they don’t break or thin out, to gently trim away dead cuticle while still leaving enough behind, to slowly exfoliate the dead skin off of the feet, gently massage in the cream or lotion, and perfectly apply the polish allowing each coat to dry in between. Rushing any part of this process leads to a subpar experience. Your technician should block out at least an hour (really an hour and 15 minutes to allow time to fully clean the space once your experience is finished). This hour should be focused completely on you and the needs of your feet.

Remember, you use your feet all day, everyday, treat them with love!