We’re always honored to put on our annual Makeover Contest in conjunction with the Kentucky Derby Festival Macy’s Spring Fashion Show every March. This year’s winner, Felicia Nehring, was truly deserving of her fabulous makeover and walk down the runway. Read Felicia’s story from her sister Lisa’s own words:

My sister Felicia Nehring is a mother of two children; one of them being her autistic daughter, Ashley. My sister has always had to take care of Ashley’s needs and find resources for her, long before everyone even knew what autism was. Ashley is now 28, but is still dependent on Felicia. She and Felicia have a very special bond. Felicia’s son had three children whom Felicia now raises. Her grandchildren had trauma in their early childhood, which now requires emotional therapy.

Felicia had hoped to be just a regular grandmother, spoiling her grandchildren on weekends and sending them home – to start taking things easy after working and raising her own kids for many years. She never thought she would have to be the main caretaker of four people at this stage in her life.

Felicia days are spent scheduling doctor appointments, picking up medications for the children, running errands for school, doing laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning, organizing and fitting in the twice weekly therapy sessions for her grandchildren. If you look at her calendar there is rarely a day with no writing on it.

The children and her husband have always come first. There is no time for her to really enjoy any hobbies or quiet moments. She doesn’t have time to take really take care of herself, but to her, that is not what’s important. What’s important is making sure her loved ones are getting the love and support they need.

Felicia always goes out of her way to try and make other people feel special. She is a true friend to everyone she meets. She is content when she knows you are happy. She always stands in the background and let’s others shine. I love my sister and would like to see her enjoy her life more. She lives for everyone else’s needs and never her own. She is beautiful when she smiles. She deserves to smile.

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And smile she did! We had an amazing time and are so happy to now include Felicia as part of our J Michael’s family.